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Children up to 6 years free


Use of the rooms: the rooms are sold for exclusive use of home only to customers declared the act of handing over the keys and any other use is prohibited. Rooms are no smoking; the smoke in the rooms allows the holder to charge the customer the cost of sanitation and cleaning of including washing of curtains and bedspreads.

Included in the price: bed linen change beginning of stay, daily cleaning of the room and the bathroom, change of towels daily, change bed linen every three days, television, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, heating, mini-fridge.

Security deposit: to stay for groups or for long stays, on arrival, is required to pay a security deposit, which is refunded upon departure, after checking the rooms. The security deposit will not be returned in the following cases:

Arrival and departure: on the day of arrival rooms are available from 13:00 (check-in); Rooms must be vacated by 11:00 am the day of departure (check-out). In the event that the customer does not arrive by 24:00 hours (Time Limit) of the agreed arrival day, the owner has the right to terminate the contract. If you have paid a deposit, the room will remain reserved until 12:00 the next day to that established for the arrival.

Cancellations or Cancellation Policy: the request for refund (minus € 20.00 for bank charges), is accepted if the reservation is canceled with a minimum of 10 DAYS notice of the date of arrival; otherwise the deposit paid is retained. In case of no-show, no show, early departure or cancellation made the same day of arrival, will be charged the full cost of the stay.

Service cleaning rooms: every day, in the time slot, from 10.00 to 14.00.

Key delivery: In the apartment the customer, on arrival, receives the keys, and the gate and return, at the start, with the only requirement to respect the time of cleaning.

People do not stay: the customer is not entitled to access your room people not registered on arrival, without the expressed consent of the Owner.

Safety systems: emergency light; Bell requested relief in the bathroom; Differential thermal-magnetic circuit breaker; central vacuum system, alerts the rescue.

Safety standards: when you move away from their room turn off all electrical devices except the mini-fridge, unless specific authorization by the Owner.

Lost keys: in case of loss or theft of keys delivered, you will have to make the complaint to the competent authority.

For delivery of new keys, the customer will be charged EUR 50.00 as a share of the cost for the replacement of blocks of the locks.

Animals: the rooms are furnished and treated in order to accommodate customers with allergies; for this reason we can not accept animals.

Data protection: the data provided will be treated in full respect of the obligations of confidentiality, in accordance with Law No. 675/2006.

Clause dispute settlement: all disputes arising from this contract will be referred to the conciliation service of the Chamber of Commerce of ROME and resolved according to the Conciliation Rules adopted by this. If the attempt failed conciliation parties can freely appeal to the ordinary judicial authorities competent in the jurisdiction of domicile or residence of the consumer, without exception pursuant to art. 33, co. 2nd, letter u) of the Decree. n. 206/2005.

EMERGENCY CALLS: Emergency phone 24h guest service – tel. 06 68300323